Police raids net 17 kilos of drugs

  Nov 16, 2020 11:08 am Ibrar Younas 5905

Police raids net 17 kilos of drugs

Taken from this weeks issue

POLICE seized almost 17 kilos of cannabis after smashing an alleged drugs ring with links in Gemikonağı, Girne, Lefkoşa, Lefke and Gazimağusa.

Five men and two women, all citizens of Cameroon, were arrested in connection with the drugs haul under the Crime Prevention Department’s “Operation Claw”.

They were brought before Girne District Court on Thursday and again yesterday before being remanded in cus- tody.

The suspects were named as Samuel Nkongho Tanyi, Kima Tabong Taken, Godlove Agbor Baiye Ako, Cynthia Orock Nkongho, Luduin Che Mankah, Jospeh Aseneh Junior Tayong and Alexander Takor Ayuk. One more person is wanted in connection with the case.

Police alleged that 10 kilos of the drugs had been brought to the TRNC via Ercan Air- port on October 28 by Luduin Che Mankah.

Two packages containing 1.75 kilos were sent to Girne from Gemikonağı at 2.30pm on Wednesday via a “commercial” vehicle, the court heard.

Defendants Kima Tabong Taken and Godlove Agbor Baiye Ako had supplied the prohibited goods to the commercial vehicle in Gemikonağı, judges were told.

When police arrived at the address in Girne, suspect Samuel Nkongho Tanyi “tried to escape” but was “pounced on” by police officers who used “reasonable force”, the court was told. Narcotics officers

The suspects in custody determined that the drugs had been bought from a dealer in Yedidalga, which Güzelyurt police officers subsequently raided. There they found 15 kilos of cannabis, which they said were linked to arrests made in Gazimağusa.

Kima Tabong Taken and Godlove Agbor Baiye Ako were detained in Lefkoşa, police stated.

Cynthia Orock Nkongho “confessed” that suspect Kima Tabong Taken had left five kilos of cannabis last Sunday and 10 kilos of the drug on Tuesday at the suspect’s house, which had been brought there by Luduin Che Mankah, who was arrested at a quarantine hotel in Gazimağusa.

Prosecutors told a court yesterday that they required more time for detectives to gather statements and further evidence.