Mar 30, 2021 9:15 am Stephen Day 2110


IS THERE anyone out there who still believes the UK should have never left the EU? Are there still Turkish Cypriots who believe their salvation lies in accepting a clammy Brussels embrace? The answer to both questions is undoubtedly “yes”, but only for a constantly diminishing minority in both countries. 

The reasons are simple. First, ask yourself what the EU has ever done for Turkish Cypriots? The answer is “damn all”. Brussels has done nothing but empower the Greek Cypriots and isolate the Turkish Cypriots. If any organisation in the world has done more to destroy any chance of Cyprus moving forward to a UN-sponsored, federal, bi-communal solution, then I have yet to find it. Even-handedness doesn’t come into EU considerations, EVER. No wonder Turkish Cypriots elected Ersin Tatar and supported his new two-state agenda. If Brussels is a friend of the TRNC, then I’m in line to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

Nor is Brussels a friend of the UK. If anyone doubts it, just look at the way that bureaucratic, unwieldy, unelected monolith, best known as the EU Commission, has reacted to the UK’s democratic rejection of all it stands for. Petty, vindictive and downright awkward would be an understated description. To blatantly use vaccine stocks as a weapon to beat the UK with is a Brussels step beyond all reason. They might as well have declared war. It’s a manifestation of madness that even that classic film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest fell short of depicting.

When it comes to vaccine rollout, the TRNC and the UK, free of the dead hand of Brussels, have both done rather well, now haven’t they? In the UK over 50 per cent of the adult population have now had their first dose of vaccine, many also having had their second. In the EU the figure is just short of 12 per cent. Miserable by comparison. A failure that is the direct consequence of them adopting the very EU rollout programme that Britain’s anti-Brexit elite were loudly demanding the UK sign up to! It beggars belief. Thank goodness we went our own way. We got it right.   

A gargantuan shambles would best describe the Commission’s bungled, incompetent efforts. Given all that self-inflicted chaos, you would think EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen would be quietly hiding in the corner with her head in her hands. No such luck. Like one of the fictional Witches of Eastwick, she is still flying around casting vindictive EU spells in every direction, all programmed to explode on Boris. EU Commission resentment at the UK’s vaccination success is boundless.

That the EU are even considering imposing a ban on the export of the AstraZeneca vaccine to UK is way beyond any rational person’s comprehension of what constitutes sanity. The Commission want to deny countries that have “a high vaccination rollout rate” the AstraZeneca vaccine. Unbelievable! In other words “punish any country that has had a more successful rollout programme than we have” (does that mean everybody?). Shouldn’t the EU be sorting its own mess out, instead of trying to mess up the UK in a fit of inexplicable pique? 

They are now demanding that the UK send the AstraZeneca vaccine to the EU! The very same bureaucratic incompetents that cast doubts on the safety of this vaccine and brought their own rollout programme to a consequent, screeching halt. All whilst twice deliberately ignoring the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) efforts to advise that AstraZeneca is safe and the Brussels “blood clot” allegations nothing more than a figment of a demented Commission’s imagination. 

The result? Millions of Europeans AND their national governments, refused the Brussels-supplied vaccine. Consequently the EU holds MILLIONS of unused vaccine doses in stock. Why the hell (at the time of writing) were they still demanding the UK send some of our stocks to them, if not to vent their anger and deny their own culpability?  Still their resentment of the UK festers in every word they utter. Now they claim “the UK variant virus is spread widely and is harder to treat”. What next? An allegation the UK invented the damned thing? It wouldn’t surprise me. It is a complete and utter disgrace. Brussels should hang their heads in shame. 

It shows the Commission to be what it is: a bunch of overpaid, fat pension fund-holding, dictatorial bureaucrats, interested only in imposing their power hungry, undemocratic will, on an increasingly sceptical European public. Imposing that will on Europe is one thing. Still trying to impose it on an independent, sovereign UK merely evidences the scale of the Commission’s demented illusions. 

Being free of Brussels is now demonstrably a recipe for success and that’s what terrifies the self-serving EU Commission clique. The UK is showing the way and other member states are increasingly considering the worth of our example. The hold the Commission has on the governments of their member states is slowly disintegrating as a consequence. On vaccine rollout, member states are increasingly going their own way and who can blame them? If this terrible pandemic has had any positive impact, then there it is. 

The Netherlands is now widely tipped to be the next country to escape the EU’s literally deadly embrace. It is therefore no accident that one Spanish MEP has loudly turned on the EU and pointed out that “the problem isn’t the UK, it’s Europe”. A now substantiated great truth, if ever there was one. 

Once upon a time, there was a European Common Market. We were told it was meant to encourage free trade. We supported it. Unbeknown to us, the real aim was to create the giant octopus-like EU monster we see now. The Commission hates the UK. I can assure them, the feeling is now mutual. I love Europe. I hate the EU.


  • philip Read
    philip Read
    I have never heard such poppycock. Mr Day has obviously no idea how Brexit has affeted the UK and Brits. Ask Northern Ireland, the fishing and farming Industry, small businesses whos main exports were to the European union. Ask "swallows" how they are going to get to The Turkish Republic of Cyprus now they no longer have EU passports, sure you can travel by Turkey at extra cost. For certain Brexit has stopped free movement, the free movement of the Bristish people and British goods. Its not over yet, the EU have to ratify the deal and on May 1st we could find we have no deal. So Mr day stop dreaming in your little world and look at the wider reality.
    3 years ago
  • Ed Batty
    Ed Batty
    Sir, you and I are often ideologically poles apart - which is good and opens the door for healthy debate (and the odd mickey-taking). But for once (and I'm not yet sure how I feel about this) I find myself agreeing with you. And believe me, I read this opinion...then read it again to check...then went through it line by line, paragraph by paragraph, trying my best and hoping to triumphantly cheer, "That's it! There it is...that's the line that tears apart his argument" ... but no, not on this occasion. How can ANY organisation with 27 (rightly) self-interested parties agree on anything with the speed that this pandemic requires? They were slow and cumbersome not only on authorising the use of vaccines but also in the pre-order negotiations. There's no doubt that the British government took a huge punt in signing such huge pre-order contracts but now we see the results of that gamble. The EU's reaction to their own failings smacks of playground football rules..."It's my ball etc etc". So for now it's "Well said sir" but I'm sure the truce won't last for long ;-) Thank god Italy are in the 6 Nations eh?
    3 years ago