VIRUS LATEST: 23 days, 23 cases

  Jul 27, 2020 9:45 am Ibrar Younas 2005
North Cyprus has at least 23 positive Covid-19 cases since opening to visitors on July 1, the Health Minister Ali Pilli confirmed.

VIRUS LATEST: 23 days, 23 cases

Dr Pilli said that there were “23 Covid-19 cases over the last 23 days.” But he insisted there were no patients receiving treatment in intensive care units in any hospital in the country, adding: “The “Health Ministry has the necessary infrastructure and health teams to cope with the fresh outbreak in the country.”

But according to sources of the Infectious Diseases Committee, the jump in outbreaks has worried experts who have proposed that passengers arriving from Turkey should undergo
 a seven-day mandatory quarantine.

In his written statement on Thursday, Dr Pilli said that out of the 23 patients who had tested positive for the virus, five had completed their treatment and had been discharged.

“Of the remaining 18 patients, nine are in hospital in the quarantine service, the other nine are located in a pandemic hotel under observation. All of the patients are well.”

Dr Pilli said that all the cases related to persons who had arrived from abroad, adding that there were NO positive test results from those the infected people had been in contact with.

He also said that PCR tests were automatically being undertaken at the polyclinics for anyone who was worried about a temperature and a cough.

Concerning TRNC nationals who were working in South Cyprus, Dr Pilli said they were continuing to undergo PCR testing once every 14 days, and no one has tested positive.

He denied claims that they did not have adequate medical materials or infrastructure.
“There is a total of 10,000 litre hand sanitizer, 30,000 protective bibs, 10,000 medical masks, 200,000 surgery masks at the Medication and Pharmacy department , 14,000 visors, 120,000 galoshes, 10,000 galosh boots, 3,000 sterile aprons, 152 ventilators, 50 monitors and 30 infusion pumps.”

He added that “in addition, there are all the medications used to treat patients with Covid-19”.