Unions warn of hospital overload

  Jul 27, 2020 6:03 pm Ibrar Younas 1460
MEDICAL unions have expressed ‘great concern’ over the increase of a fresh wave of Covid-19 and have warned that the bed space in the Lefkoşa State hospital corona virus unit has been filled to capacity.

Unions warn of hospital overload

They warned that the virus has landed back in the country after steps were taken to “open up” to the outside world with the start of flights.

They say that they will do everything they can to prevent the Lefkoşa State hospital from being transformed into a pandemic hospital once again – and called on people to “own up to your hospital!”

Cyprus Turkish Medical Workers’ Union head, Dr Özlem Gürkut, said that over the last 22 days, the “quarantine department of the hospital used for Covid-19 is now at full capacity. 

“We have reached the point of opening up a second service. This will be the Urology Service where patients are normally treated for kidney diseases, urinary diseases and prostate. All the staff in these sections and the patients will be forced to move to another section of the hospital. 

“This is precisely what we wanted to avoid and what we have been warning for many months. But our calls fell on deaf ears of the government. We are observing the same issues that we lived during March 2020 during the pandemic period,” she added. “Nothing has changed. We are very concerned.”

Another medical union, Tıp-İş head Ahmet Varış, vowed that they “will not allow the State hospital to be converted into a pandemic hospital.”

“The Health Ministry has directed us to empty the urology section of the hospital after the corona virus section filled up – irrespective of the health condition of the patients that are receiving treatment there.

“It should be known that, whilst there are options for a pandemic hospital, there are no such alternatives for the health system provided by the Lefkoşa State hospital because of its physical infrastructure.

“We will not allow the State hospital which serves hundreds of thousands of people of this country, to be converted back into a pandemic hospital.”