Tulips in dire need of funds

  Feb 15, 2021 9:34 am Ibrar Younas 1494
THE Help Those with Cancer association (Tulips) will close next month unless it receives urgent funding.

Tulips in dire need of funds

The charity’s expat fundraiser and project manager Sue Tilt has launched an online appeal “to stop Tulips from closing in March 2021”.

“Simply put, we have run out of funds,” she told Cyprus Today. “We have been unable to pay staff their February salaries. The lockdown has had a devastating effect on all of our planned fundraising activities. And we have been targeting the same people for fundraising.

“We have now launched a JustGiving donation page and call on everyone to help in this great time of need.”

The appeal page – justgiving.com/crowdfunding/stoptulipskhydfromclosing – states: “As Covid-19 continues to spread, the future has never felt so unpredictable. We know these are challenging times for us all right now and Tulips is doing everything possible to sustain daily operations whilst continuing to provide care to their cancer patients.

“Tulips, with your help, has ‘limped’ along since March 14, 2020, when the TRNC locked down the first time however they now find themselves on the brink of closure.

“No events or fundraisers can take place and a second lockdown is upon us with no knowledge for how long.

“The TRNC Government does not pay for the wages of some of the hospital staff, Tulips does.

“Tulips also looks after cancer patients who simply would not have treatment if they were not there to support them.

“If you’re unable to donate at this time, you can still support Tulips. You can promote Tulips by sharing this with a family member or friend. Even a quick mention on your social media would mean the world to us.

“Making a donation of any size today will go a long way towards protecting Tulips and help their mission to continue to help cancer patients in the TRNC.

“Now, more than ever, our community needs Tulips. And Tulips needs you.”

As of yesterday the campaign had already raised £8,580.

For more details please visit: www.tulips-trnc.com or the charity’s Facebook page Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association, or call 0542 854 8714.



Our story of January 30 (‘We desperately need your help’) quoted Tulips chairperson Raziye Kocaismail as saying that the income of Tulips has fallen “by 10 per cent”. Mrs Tilt has pointed out this should have said “Tulips is only earning 10 per cent of its normal income”. We are happy to put the record straight.