TC Professor Ten Feizi becomes a Royal Fellow

  May 25, 2021 11:39 am Ibrar Younas 1532
A UK-based Turkish Cypriot professor, Ten Feizi, was this week named as one of four scientists at Imperial College London (ICL) to become Fellows of the prestigious Royal Society.

TC Professor Ten Feizi becomes a Royal Fellow

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Prof Feizi received the title for her work in glycobiology, the study of the biology of carbohydrates, also called glycans.

She also directs the Glycosciences Laboratory at the ICL as a professor at the Faculty of Medicine. 

Prof Feizi said: “I’m delighted to become a Fellow of the Royal Society while acknowledging distinguished collaborators and associates with whom we have delved into unravelling the intricacies and functions of the ‘forest’ of sugar chains in our body”.

An ICL statement said: “Over the course of five decades, her work has highlighted the importance of the diverse sugar chains found on the surface of our cells, including their role in communicating with other cells, in health, in infectious and inflammatory disorders and cancer. Her group pioneered the development of glycan arrays, a means of pinpointing sugar chains with specific roles.

“Her group was the first to sequence the sugar chains of a protein on the surface of HIV, called GP120. This glycoprotein, which plays a crucial role in how the virus evades the immune system, remains an important target for the development of potential HIV vaccines.”