May 26, 2020 1:56 pm Ibrar Younas 182
PLANS are already underway to start reforestation work by planting hundreds of thousands of saplings.


Agricultural and natural resources minister, Dursun Oğuz, who spoke on Turkish Cypriot television this week, said that they were planning to plant more than 700,000 saplings this year and would carry out work to increase wildlife in the country.

Altınbaş Petrol Ltd (Alpet) and Altınbaş Board of Directors head Sofu Altınbaş, said they will plant 10,000 saplings in Tepebaşı aswell as provide free fuel to a fire fighting helicopter.

Mr Altınbaş said he was saddened by the great losses lived due to the catastrophic forest fire, adding that he was in contact with Mr Oğuz aswell as the Forestry Department head, Cemil Karzaoğlu.

Mr Altınbaş said: “No matter how deeply we have been saddened by this catastrophe, as members of a community which has an instinct of dealing with the impossible, we could not keep silent and stand back.

“This is why we, as Alpet and Altınbaş Group, have taken the decision to immediately take a leading role on reforestation and to bring greenery back to the forests.”


Alpet general manager, Tevfik Türkoğlu, said: “We have started work to prepare for the plantation of 10,000 new saplings. We have taken the first step. We hope that many other investors and businessmen will follow suit,” he said.