Mystery of dead turtles

  Jul 14, 2020 3:07 pm Ibrar Younas 1681
EIGHT turtles have been found dead on a beach in İskele , sparking outrage among turtle protection groups who have called for more protection for the animals and to regulate fishing.

Mystery of dead turtles

The Society for the Protection of Turtles (SPOT) issued a written statement calling for more controls in the sea on the use of fishing nets believed to be the cause of the turtles drowning after being entangled or trapped in the nets.


Six Caretta Caretta and two Green turtles were washed up on the İskele and Boğaz shores.

Out of the eight, five died due to drowning, SPOT said.


The society said that in 2020 so far a total of 139 turtles were either found dead on the shore or trapped in fishing nets.

“But what is concerning, is that this week, three of the turtles found dead had their throats cut intentionally.”

Making a call for “all fisherman to adhere to the law, the call said that it was “not legal for a net to exceed 10m in length, whilst amateur fishers cannot use entangling and fish line nets.” It also said that it was against the law for nets to be “left in the water for a period longer than four hours”.



SPOT made a call for the coastguard to increase controls during the times of 5am to 9am and to enforce the law.


 “We are aware that professional and amateur fishermen leave their nets inside the water in the afternoon and collect the net from the water the following morning.”


People who find a dead or injured turtle are asked to call 0548 886 9684.


Meanwhile, the ‘Always Friends’ group urged the public to be “more sensitive to protect turtle nests.”


Yusuf Yüksel Şentuğ, said it was important for people to “leave the nests undisturbed”.

“Driving vehicles on the sand can seriously damage the eggs in the nests. “Excavating the nest out of ‘curiosity’ to see the eggs can be harmful to the eggs, and street animals also pose a threat to the eggs.


“It the duty of all of us to take responsibility to allow the turtles breed, to protect turtles and protect their nests.”


He also called for no permissions to be given for camps, caravans and tents to be allowed on beaches where turtles nest.