Let’s face it, masks are a must!

  Jul 29, 2020 10:30 am Alice Carkeet 3470
“Masks are the new bras. They are uncomfortable. You only wear them in public. And when you don’t wear one, everyone notices.”

Let’s face it, masks are a must!

I have just recently had this sent to me by a friend in the UK and I loved it! Facemasks in a variety of colours, styles and designs are appearing everywhere.  Who would have thought the symbol of 2020 would be a facemask? As countries are implementing strict facemask measures, we are showing the world how not to wear them!

It has become part of a daily routine now; in 2019 I was guilty of forgetting the shopping list or reusable bag when I left the house, now I forget the facemask! I would never dream of walking into a shop without one for fear of the filthy looks from shoppers and the assistants. But carrying it on your hand and having it draped over your ears seems to cause no problem. Whatever your opinions are, we all need to start living with the virus and adapt our everyday lives to cope with it.

As with most things here in Cyprus, no one seems to know the correct rules and regulations implemented to help us deal with the virus. Perhaps we have become a little too comfortable knowing the positive cases are tucked up safe and sound in quarantine. As cases are now rising, surely some guidelines need to be put in place to help tackle the virus spreading again. A few shops and supermarkets are already taking action and making masks mandatory, but should they now be worn all the time in public spaces? We have a fraction of cases compared to other countries but the virus is here, we need to learn to live with it and every day life must continue. 

So do we really know why or how to wear to wear a facemask? Wearing a mask has proven to stop the transmission of the virus. They are protecting the wearer from getting infected but also stopping other people from being infected. It is good news that people are doing their part to slow the spread of the disease, but I must admit wearing a mask under your chin or fashioned on your forehead is only going to make me think you have a lack of respect for this virus and the vulnerable people who will suffer greatly. It is like the great divide when shopping, who is wearing a facemask, who isn’t and who is wearing it wrong!

To those who are complying and wearing it properly, keep breathing! It is hot and stuffy but at least you are doing the right thing. To those who are practising ‘bad mask behaviour’ think back to the quote, think of your mask as a bra, if you wear both the wrong way it is not only ineffective, it looks completely ridiculous and defeats the whole purpose of wearing one. Much like a facemask being compared to a bra, we can also compare them to men wearing a pair of trousers or shorts with their appendage hanging over the waistband. To the people not even wearing a mask, welcome to 2020, the world is in the midst of a global pandemic. Have you been asleep for the past four months?

I guess the only way we can deal with the virus here is correctly wearing these uncomfortable items of clothing. The facemask will continue on as a symbol of this pandemic and of 2020. Whether its hiding the extra chins gained over lockdown or wiping the sweat from your brow, the facemask is here to stay.