It’s not just waste

  Oct 7, 2020 12:06 pm Ibrar Younas 6306
EVERY waste is not waste. This is the slogan being used in a new campaign launched by staff and students at Near East University Grand Library in Lefkoşa as part of a “social responsibility” to protect the environment.

It’s not just waste

The project is aimed at raising awareness and promoting the use of collection bins for disposing of recyclable waste in different parts of the campus.

“The aim is to make it a habit for students, ensuring its sustainability and creating environmental awareness,” new Grand Library director Gülten Sala Lay told Cyprus Today.

“Everyone here is conscious about the need to have a clean environment. We are planning to hold clean-up activities at the Alagadi beach where turtles visit, and picnic areas in the Beşparmak mountains, and to expand the project. It is a shame that we observe so much rubbish on roadsides, in forests and at picnic areas.”

Explaining that there were three bins for paper, cardboard and plastic bottles, she said these were then sent to the recycling plant. 

“The waste is sent to the recycling factory and brought back to the economy [for usage],” she said.

“Plastic bottles and papers collected in the bins with the slogan ‘Every waste is not waste’ by the Near East University Grand Library staff [are] sent to the recycling facility in Alayköy.

“The aim is to raise awareness with this social awareness project among individuals, who are sensitive to the environment and respectful to all living creatures.”

Stating that waste should be recycled and disposed of without harming the environment in order to preserve natural resources, Ms Lay said that they will continue their study on recycling in the new academic term. 

“We would like to thank the staff and students of the Grand Library Directorate for their contributions, and we invite our students to set an example to other people in this issue and carry out similar activities and to support this campaign within the scope of social awareness,” she said.