Expat to go the distance for all nationals in TRNC

  Mar 19, 2020 12:02 pm Turgay Kale 9
A British expat who lives in the TRNC is running the London Marathon in support of charities here.

Expat to go the distance for all nationals in TRNC

Photo By: Brian Joyce

Pete Colledge, 55, is currently in our country, training for the event which will take place on April 26.  the London Marathon is one of the world’s most famous annual long-distance events and has been run every year since 1981. this year saw 457,861 applicants registered for a ballot place in the event.  Mr. Colledge will be in hot competition with all of them. he will run 42.2 kilometres (26.2 miles) around the river of thames in London. in 2014, Mr. Colledge moved to the trNC, where he enjoys retirement from the UK Armed Forces. “i have been running from a very early age, mainly from my time in the UK Armed Forces,” Mr. Colledge told Cyprus today. “i have been raising money for charities for the last 35 years. i have been applying to run the London Marathon for at least 20 years, never was successful at getting a place until this year,” he says. Mr Colledge has always wanted to run the London marathon. “i have run many half marathons, but the ultimate one that i have always wanted to do is the London Marathon. i have watched it nearly every year on the tV, and always said to myself: ‘One day i will be in it.’”...

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