Drugs victim ‘brain dead’

  Oct 7, 2020 12:24 pm Ibrar Younas 7231
A WOMAN who was left in a coma after swallowing seven grammes of cocaine to avoid being caught by police was declared “brain dead” on Tuesday.

Drugs victim ‘brain dead’

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The woman, who has been named as Buğra Nil Kaptan, had been in a coma since September 19 and was being cared for at Gazimağusa State Hospital’s intensive care unit.

Her condition worsened, however, and she was transferred to Lefkoşa State Hospital on Tuesday before doctors gave the bad news, according to a report by Cyprus Today’s sister newspaper Kıbrıs. Her family have decided to donate her organs, the paper added.

Meanwhile police this week arrested a person accused of supplying the cocaine that Ms Kaptan swallowed.

The suspect, identified only by the initials HM, supplied seven grammes of cocaine to a third person known as AY.

Ms Kaptan later swallowed the drugs to avoid the pair being caught by police during a routine traffic check in Gazimağusa on September 18, as previously reported by Cyprus Today.

Police arrested HM in Lefkoşa after examining CCTV footage from the Zagato restaurant in Gazimağusa, a “duty” court heard on Sunday. Two others are also wanted in connection with the incident, police said.

Police sergeant Necip Samancı told the presiding judge that HM had confessed to possessing drugs and had made a “voluntary statement” admitting that he sold the cocaine to AY for 450TL.

The video footage from Zagato later showed AY and BNK going to the restaurant toilets together after HM left the premises.

HM was remanded in custody for three days pending further police investigations. At a second hearing on Wednesday a judge ordered that HM remain in custody for a further two days.