Death on the road again

  Jun 30, 2020 9:44 am Ibrar Younas 2092
THE number of traffic accidents has soared since the ending of the Covid-19 lockdown, it has emerged.

Death on the road again

According to police, between March 23 and May 3, there were a total of 70 traffic accidents – in which 24 people were injured.

But the latest official figures for the period May 4 to June 22 record 305 traffic accidents – resulting in six fatalities and 111 people injured. It is estimated that 200,000 vehicles returned to the roads after the lifting of lock- down restrictions.

Ayla Yılmaz – who was a passenger inside a car involved in an accident on Girne-Tatlısu main road on June 15, died in hospitai on Wednesday.

Her husband, Kemal Aydın, died at the scene. The couple leave a young child.

In one of the latest incidents, three drivers were injured in a crash on the Lefkoşa-Güze- lyurt main road on Tuesday where a 4x4 jeep was turned upside down.

A police spokesman said that the crash, which happened at 1.30pm, occurred when a vehicle that was being towed was hit from behind by another vehicle. All drivers were admitted to Lefkoşa State hospital.

Meanwhile, the Engine Engineers Chamber (MMO) head Ayer Yarkıner, called into question the safety of tow trucks and recovery vehicles.

In a statement, the MMO said the courts and police were too willing to accept broad statements such as vehicles “went into the opposite lane,” or “reckless driving,”

“Although these are probable reasons for traffic accidents, the courts aren’t able to look into issues such as the condition of the vehicle – its ability to brake . . . whether the registered vehicle has the same characteris- tics as the vehicle involved in an accident; even to the point if serious mistakes in the class or category of the vehicle . . . whether the vehicle is capable of towing another vehicle. . . .

“TRNC authorities do not know the cate- gory of vehicles or the technical aspects due to lack of information.”

The statement added that they have been working for the past two years with the Public Works and Transportation Ministry on a “law” and said there was a “serious tech- nical coordination” being done by the min- istry with the chamber.