Feb 5, 2021 2:22 pm Benjamin 2054
A WOMAN who worked as an “Accounting Chief” at a beverage company in Lefkoşa has been charged with embezzlement.


Dilek Yağmur was arrested on suspicion of stealing “large sums” of money, revealed in court, from the company between January 1, 2012, and March 8, 2013, according to a report by Cyprus Today’s sister newspaper Kıbrıs.

The suspect, who has spent time remanded in custody, stole the money by failing to record hundreds of invoices and receipts into the company’s accounts system, it has been alleged.

Kıbrıs also reported that Dilek Yağmur was “married to Mehmet Yağmur” at the time the alleged theft was committed but “shared an intimate relationship with Hüseyin Pekün, who had started working in the logistics department of the same firm”. 

Following the completion of the investigation launched against her, Yağmur was released on bail pending trial. She was banned from travelling abroad and told to present herself to a police station once a week.

“Company officials have been waiting for a resolution of the allegations ever since,” the paper continued.

“The trial has been waiting to be concluded for two years, however officers have been unable to submit the [court] notifications to [Yağmur] even though her whereabouts and even her workplace is known. 

“Therefore, the presence of the plaintiff alone is not sufficient for the trial and it keeps being postponed. 

“The officials of the beverage company have been waiting for the outcome of the case but enforcement officers cannot find Yağmur on this tiny island to hand in the [court] notification. 

“Another point not to miss here is whether or not Dilek Yağmur has divorced from [Mehmet Yağmur]. 

“If she has, her name must have been changed to Dilek Ütük. If she has married Hüseyin Pekün, her name must be Dilek Pekün. But in official records, it shows as Dilek Yağmur. So how come Dilek Yağmur cannot be found?”