Coronavirus: What to expect?

  Mar 18, 2020 5:06 pm Turgay Kale 27
What will happen as the covid-19 strain of the coronavirus spreads throughout the world? Will we see a pandemic, or will it come under control?

Coronavirus: What to expect?

There are some fairly clear answers about what to expect, depending on specific factors. The respected consulting firm McKinsey has published this week a series of well-researched scenarios in a new report. As the report points out, the prevalent narrative that the media is purveying is that of a pandemic, but it is quite possible that public policy responses will contain the epidemic, and it is also quite possible that seasonal factors will affect its transmission. There are four strains of the coronavirus that have existed for centuries in humans and animals in both the developed and undeveloped world. Covd19 is a new strain, and it is particularly dangerous because it is so easily transmissible. each case of the virus generally leads to 2.4 other people being infected. But , what is less wellknown...

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